Andrea’s classes with Yoga International are up! You can try any of the classes below for free with a 30-day trial by following any class link!  Scroll down for active classes and tutorials!

Restorative Yoga Classes

The Bear Hug: Restorative Yoga to Soothe and Comfort

Restorative Yoga for Deep, Healing Calm

Cool the Fire: Restorative Yoga to Ease Frustration

Restorative Yoga after too much Espresso

Softening Side-Openers

A Complete Restorative Practice

Bowing into Restorative Ease

Blissful Restorative Backbends

Yoga for Backbend Lovers

Restorative Yoga Tutorials

Elevated Chest Pose Tutorial

Frog Pose Tutorial

DIY Props: How to Make a Bolster

DIY Props: Pots, Pans and Books

Head Support Tutorial

What is Restorative Yoga?

Active Yoga

Handstands for Beginners

5 Love Notes to Your Hips

The No-Burn Sun Salutation

Still Point: Cultivating Balance

Unpack Your Back: 20 Minutes of Back Relief

De-Sit Yourself

Strong Glutes

Strong Spinal Curves

A Mini Class For Your Feet and Ankles

Crow Pose Play and Restorative Chest Openers

Brave and Open: Quad Stretches and Releases for Hero Pose

Be the Mountain

How to Practice Yoga to Help You Read the News (and Take Action)

Timeless Grace: An Uplifting Practice for Aging with Balance, Strength and Poise