Maty's Scholarship

Maty Ezraty was one of my cherished teachers who had a deep and lasting impression on who I am, the teacher that I became and the fact that I persisted as a young teacher.  She touched so many people, so many friends and colleagues.
Maty was someone who can never fully be summed up in words:  she was a force of life, she was springtime.  She moved at a speed that felt like synchronicity and beauty, this wasn’t magic, she worked hard and cultivated a depth and passion that sprang from her practice.  To know Maty was to love her and to feel profound aliveness.  I can’t believe she is gone or can ever be gone.  Can the spring be gone?  She will always be with us.  She will be missed and what an incredible gift it was to know someone like her.  For those of you who didn’t get a chance to meet her please see below for a link to a recent article and interview with Maty.

Here are some lessons that I keep learning from Maty:

Your heart is important.  Keep going, keep teaching, don’t give up.  Teach from your good heart, forget acrobatics.

Practice!  No really!!  Get every single thing you can get out of the pose, especially in your upper back.  Work harder!  Don’t waste this chance!  Ack!  I know how hard this is for you, keep going!  Let’s not waste this precious moment, who knows when it may come again!

Stand up for yoga.  Persist to create spaces where people will be treated with integrity and the practice of yoga will be shared intelligently to the true benefit of the person.

Stand up for being a thinking person, don’t follow!

See people, learn to see into their souls… see what hurts them, see what is going wrong, find their genius. I still have no idea how she did this – Maty was a fast, loving and incredible perceiver of character and the human heart.

Don’t establish followers, establish confident leaders who will challenge the status quo and be their own person to teach great yoga.

Be yourself!  Be brave, feminine, bold, impish, mischievous, smart, funny, stylish, passionate, girlish, a warrior…. put all of that into your teaching, into life, into cooking, into looking up at the sky….

Keep seeking.  Honour your tears and your heart, process your past, deepen your practice, love.


Master Teacher Maty Ezraty on the State of Yoga Right Now

Maty Ezraty on Ashtanga Yoga

Supporting Future Teachers

In honour of Maty’s continued influence in my teaching some partial scholarships 20-50% of the price of the training will be offered.   They will be awarded to an individual who shows bravery and commitment in teaching yoga past business, to an individual who seeks to touch the human heart, to someone with a passion for self inquiry and learning.
Scholarship applications will open September 2019 for the 2020 year.
Love and peace,