Yoga for the Emotions

Deepen your emotional health and awareness by exploring yogic approaches! This 20 hour training is devoted to class explorations of emotional health and balance cultivated through our yoga practice . Cultivating a kind and observant relationship with our emotions as well as fostering emotional balance with our practice will be explored. We will devote considerable time to how physical yoga practice can impact our emotions – either balancing or amplifying them.

Key themes (as time permits) will be using yoga as one place to help process: grief, anger, anxiety, worry, emotional overwhelm, letting go and fear. Also using yoga to cultivate: confidence, gratitude, being in the present, contentment and self empathy.

The influences of Ayurveda and other mind-body philosophies will interweave with personal exploration and practice. Experiencing the residue of our practice to understand if we are cultivating states of emotional ease or excess will be a key part of this adventure.

Come prepared to have fun, deepen your practice and awareness in a safe and respectful environment. This is not group therapy but a classroom setting with key outlines and objectives.


Course Curriculum

Setting Boundaries:  exploring the relationship between setting healthy boundaries in our physical practice and how this translates off the mat.

Letting Be:  Cultivating a relationship of tolerance and acceptance with your mind and heart.

Yoga practices to build Confidence and Courage

Yoga practices to soothe Emotional Intensity

Yoga practices to Unravel deep suffering

Yoga practices to build connection, fun and community

Yoga practices to nourish patience and kindness

Yoga practices to get grounded

“Consistency over discipline” Judith Hanson Lasater.  Exploring non violent ways to approach a regular practice.




Students will do a self practice and journal project over a one month period that explores the relationship of their yoga practice to their emotions.  Teachers will also focus on being present as a first point of contact with students in class and in life.  A series of practices will be made available for this end.  A month of consistent but simple pracitces devoted to emotional balance, connection and presence.

Boundaries of this training

Andrea is not a therapist but a yoga teacher.  Therefor this will not be a training with a lot of deep and sustained group sharing which is only appropriate in a context of group therapy.  This will be a fun and gentle respectful classroom setting designed for learning, light sharing and discussion, curiosity, fun, safety and self inquiry.

This training is not suitable as a tool for students currently struggling with severe mental health issues and is not therapy, group therapy or a substitute for therapy.  Its a training for all to gain more emotional awareness, insight and have fun!  This training is also not about fixing or changing ourselves.  Is also not a training to learn to talk with other people about their emotions.  Its’ a fun  and caring space to deepen our relationship with ourselves as yogis.  This training and project are intended to deepen your ability to be present with yourselves and others, its about your state of being rather than state of doing!