Teaching Yoga to People with Disabilities

OCT 19-21

JoAnne Lyons

Teacher for Yoga for People with Disabilities & Yoga for People with Special Needs

Andrea: 647 779 9642

JoAnn Lyons began taking yoga classes in the very early 70’s and finally began teaching yoga to people with Disabilities in October of 1996 at the Cerebral Palsy Center (now known as Ability Now Bay Area) in Oakland, California as part of her Advanced Studies Program training at Piedmont Yoga Studio. She had no idea what she was doing, but figured that she should just teach yoga. That philosophy has served her well it seems, as she now teaches four classes at the CP Center as well as classes for people with special needs and disabilities at You and the Mat, Piedmont. JoAnn believes that everyone can do yoga and has dedicated, well-trained assistants and volunteers who help her make the classes really special, fun and accessible to all. She has a unique ability to imagine the possibilities of asana (yoga poses) for her students and to see just where a student needs support or when she needs to get out of the way and let her student find the perfect pose.

To enroll in this training please message Andrea at 647 779 9642 OR andreamariepeloso@gmail.com. This training has been made possible partially by donations and sponsorships including Yoga Directory Canada.

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