Toronto Workshops: Mary Richards

August 9-11, 2019

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Blood and Earth: The Pelvis and it’s Elements

A foray into the structure of the pelvis, basic organ function, intricacies of female vs. male SI joints, kinesiology of the pelvic floor, and how tucking your tailbone affects your body’s harmony. We will practice active and restorative poses during this workshop, so come ready to move and rest.

The Core and More: Asana for Better Body Balance

The purpose of this workshop is to better understand what comprises “the core” and  how to activate the muscles that move and support our trunk. We will also talk about how our  digestion is affected by how we engage our abdominal muscles as well as how we habitually sit and stand. Find the fire in your belly!

Shoulder RX: Techniques for Flexibility and Strength

This workshop is designed to help you understand how shoulders work, how to protect them, and  how to build strength and balance in the shoulder girdle. Bring your sore or injured rotator cuffs, tight trapezius and rhomboid muscles, and compromised chest muscles for some much  needed “Shoulder Rx.” We will learn basic range of motion exercises to improve muscle  balance and joint function as well as work through asana that require shoulder stability and  mobility.

Butterflies in the belly: Asana and the Inner Body (Massage from the Inside-Out)

During our practice together, we will explore the relationship between the movements of the spine and the abdominopelvic organs. By expanding our awareness of how the actions of the respiratory and musculoskeletal systems change conditions in the inner body, we increase our capability to  identify and release obstacles within us, literally and figuratively, that contribute to bodily  discomfort and emotional pain.  We will learn about the internal  organs and how the alignment of the organs is affected by and affects the movement of the outer body.

Knee Bone’s Connected to the Thigh Bone: Lower Body Strength and Mobility

The physical poses of yoga can improve our range of motion, muscle balance and joint stability  when practiced appropriately. This is a two-day intensive on the  joints of the lower extremity and their relationship to one another. We will learn about anatomy,  muscle activation, therapeutic exercise and alignment in asana including modifications for  injury and other restrictions.

Mary Richards

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Mary’s Bio:

Mary offers integrative health education based on her personal yoga practice and study, which spans nearly three decades. She has taught yoga practices since 2002 and offered yoga-based therapeutics since 2007. Her teaching is informed by the master instructors who have guided her as well as perspective and understanding gained in credited coursework in anatomy, physiology, biology, kinesiology, cadaver dissection and therapeutic movement. To formalize her decades of study, Mary earned a master of science in yoga therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is registered as a certified yoga therapist with IAYT. Mary is also a certified iRest Level 1 teacher-in-training. Her scope of practice includes physical postures, breathing exercises, restorative yoga and mindfulness techniques such as meditation and heart-centered communication.

Mary primarily studies with Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT. She serves as Judith’s senior anatomy and therapeutics teaching assistant at workshops around the United States. Judith, Lizzie Lasater, and Mary launched their digital anatomical reality and movement literacy course in December 2017, For a taste of the course, you can check out their series on YouTube, Today’s Anatomy Question.

Schedule and Location:

All workshops are 3 hours in length.  We encourage you to make this a weekend!

Winchester Street Dance Theatre

80 Winchester Street, Toronto, M4X 1B2

Friday:  6-9 (Studio C)

Saturday:  2-5 & 6-9 (Studio B)

Sunday:  10-1 & 2-5 (Studio C)


$60.00 + HST per Workshop (Total: $67.80)
$270.00 + HST for all 5 Workshops (Total: $305.10)

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